We’re a boutique developer with a big table.

Wilson Meany is recognized throughout the industry as a developer with the confidence to listen as well as lead. Since our founding twenty years ago, we’ve built a remarkably stable and experienced team steered by partners who believe that collaborating around a table – brainstorming ideas, working through challenges, pushing for innovation at every turn – is what it takes to create inspiring environments that people love to experience.

Learn more about our co-founding partner Bill Wilson.

Our team has been years in the making.

Stability may not be the most glamorous word in the lexicon, but it’s one we take to heart. Many on our roughly 20-person Development team have been with us for years and all embody our creative, hands-on approach to placemaking. Experts in their fields, they work closely with one another and with our outside partners, including architects, engineers, designers and landscape architects.

We manage here, there and beyond.

Led by principals who are deeply involved in all facets of projects, our Property Management team delivers years of experience, an unusually expansive skill set and the ability to move nimbly and smartly, from tenant improvements to asset management including pre-due diligence. In addition to working on Wilson Meany developments, the group also manages other properties throughout the area for families and developers who prefer to partner with a small team that delivers superior customer service.

Ariel Pasch





Project Manager


Manages design, performance, aesthetic, and cost expectations and oversees the day-to-day operations of all construction efforts. Focused on project planning, budget adherence / cost control, scheduling, identification and adherence to project time constraints while meeting the quality requirements of the contract documents.


A strong problem solver and innovative thinker, with the ability to interact with many personalities on all levels of the workforce as well as the myriad of bureaucracies involved in development.


Union College, Schenectady, NY


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Collaborating with team to overcome obstacles and produce innovative logistical approaches to solving problems


Bay Meadows
Treasure Island


Contributing more than 20 years of construction experience, Ariel has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience working in all areas of the industry. She spent the first half of her career in the construction industry with experience working as a General Contractor and Electrical Subcontractor in Residential Construction and Utility Infrastructure projects. Before joining Wilson Meany, Ariel was Vice President of Construction at Nick Podell Company where she oversaw design and development of mid-rise multi-family projects in the Bay Area.