By all accounts, it was a very good lunch.

Wilson Meany is a San Francisco-based investor and developer of mixed-use, residential, retail, office and master plan urban infill properties. William Wilson III and Chris Meany first met over lunch in the 1980s at a point when Bill was already a long revered developer and Chris was, by his telling, simply a young guy who had lucked into success in the field. The company they founded a decade later reflects their shared enthusiasm for transformative placemaking. Among Wilson Meany’s signature projects are the historic San Francisco Ferry Building, the Art Deco icon of 140 New Montgomery and the former Treasure Island naval base.

In our book, collaboration is another word for creativity.

Most of our projects are highly complex and frequently knotted with numerous entitlement, regulatory, historic and political issues.  This fact alone is one reason we’ve come to embrace process so fully – not in the sense of interminable meetings, but as a means of unleashing creative collaboration.  While we have a point of view, we also possess an open mind.  Without exception, we believe that our most innovative and inspiring projects have come about because of our ability to lead with integrity: genuinely seeking, considering and incorporating input from all stakeholders.  In practical terms, our process also increases efficiency.  By meeting regularly and responding respectfully, we have a track record of getting things done, and done well.

The way we define it, sustainability means more than environmental stewardship.

For us, sustainability is both a philosophy and a pursuit.  It means weaving ecological, social and economic vitality into the fabric of every project.  We focus solely on urban infill because it’s true to our love of city as well as to how people want to live today – out of cars, close to transit, near thriving downtowns, in genuine community with a better quality of life and a smaller footprint.  While a number of our projects have been recognized for their embrace of green innovations – from pioneering architecture to the interplay of structure and open space – our greatest source of pride comes from creating whole environments that allow people to thrive with one another and the natural world.

We build long-term relationships along with value.

Whether it’s families wishing to develop properties or lenders seeking a safe return on investment, we tend to work with the same partners repeatedly, which can be unusual in our industry.  We believe that integrity has a lot to do with it.  Over the past two decades, we’ve built a reputation for honest dealings and for creating long-term value along with points of civic pride.  The core of our real estate investment philosophy is to create places of value that will hold their value over the long run.  Given our decades of experience in the city we love, we recognize both its potential and potential entanglements, and advise accordingly.  People who choose to team with us do so because they want a partner who shares their values, respects their input and stays true to their commitments.

The way we see it, our role as a boutique developer with roots in San Francisco is to do more than build buildings. It’s to create whole environments that bring people together in meaningful ways.